*steals ur girl* *mom finds out and makes me return her and apologize*

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"Stiles!" Scott races across the courtyard after his friend, "What the hell?"

"It’s okay, I’ve got this," Stiles promises, smashing his elbow into the glass and wincing. "Wow, they never make it look like it hurts in the movies."

"That’s because they’re movies! We are not in a movie, what are you—”

"Relax, Scotty," Stiles pokes away glass, picks out the rose and rolls back his shoulders, "I just have to go give this to someone…"

He strides away without another word, back across the paving stones to where there’s a guy sitting eating a baguette in the neatest way Scott’s ever seen. He’s wearing a faded t-shirt with the Star Wars credits on the back— Scott thinks, he’s still not seen them— dark jeans and boots. Scott doesn’t totally understand why this guy, of all the attractive people in the world, but, then he looks up as Stiles approaches. 

Scott’s pretty sure cheese falls out of his mouth. 

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